5  Facts About Bridget

1. My number one favourite thing about this life is my family. My husband, Klaas, and I get to be parents to our daughters, Evelyn and Madison, and it's the absolute best!

2. I've lived Prince Edward Island for years, but am "from away". I'll never be an official Islander, but man I love this place!

3. Even though I can't appreciate the taste of coffee, I still really enjoy "going to coffee" with people! A warm chai tea latte or french vanilla is the ticket for my ridiculously strong sweet tooth!

4. I definitely have more notebooks than a person needs, but I love how pretty they all look lined up on the shelf! 

5. Last, but certainly not least, I absolutely LOVE photography! Bright and clean images are my fav! I'm always looking for beautiful places and light, it makes all of my drives more fun!

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