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Baby Ivy

When I walked into Marielle and Stan's house on Saturday morning there was already a happy hum of chatter coming from their living room. Both sets of parents were joking around and laughing while Marielle's sister, Elise, sat on the couch cuddling sweet little Ivy. Marielle's parents and sister came from Holland to meet their new granddaughter and niece and you could just feel the joy and love in the room. When it came time to take pictures I would say "ok, now everyone look at Ivy lovingly..." then I would look up and realize that's all anyone was naturally doing already anyway. Easiest posing day ever! I love this family so much and was so glad that I could spend some time capturing photos of Ivy in her first days in the world.

All I'm saying is that if Ivy is on Team Daydream, like her shirt says, then I'm signing up for that team too!

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