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Logan | Graduate

I'm just gonna throw it out there, I think everyone should get grade 12 graduation pictures! When I lived in the States and heard about the tradition of taking senior pictures I thought it was awesome! I've wished that it was as popular in Canada since. Taking grad pictures for Logan has reminded me of my dream to be able to take them for grads here. So grads, put on your caps and gowns and say cheese!

Now with rant aside, we can talk about Logan. What an awesome guy! I was so pumped when I was asked to take pictures for him at the Avec Maman Studio in Charlottetown. If I have a son someday I hope he grows up to be as likable and pleasant as Logan! He was super easy to take pictures of and obliged his mom and took all the pictures that she had envisioned (I did hear the next day when she was ready to get her camera out for another occasion he told her she'd reached her photo cap for the weekend. I figure that was fair :P). Congrats on your upcoming graduation, Logan! I'm sure you're off to great places from here on out!

Oh ps. Logan, I considered for a moment that you might not want me to post the picture of you and your mom, but the preciousness of the photo quickly trumped my desire to save you any potential embarrassment. I'd apologize, but I also can't say I'm sorry...I love it!


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