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Janessa & Greg | Baby Almost Here!

Number 3 is almost here! I'm about to head into the last week of having Janessa in the classroom next to mine because she'll be off with her new babe for the next year! We've taught together for the past 2 years and I've appreciated Janessa in so many ways through that time so far. One of the perks of working at school with her through this pregnancy is hearing how the other teachers have tried to find out the gender of her baby. To explain, Janessa wanted to know the gender of their baby and Greg didn't, so she found out and is keeping it a secret from him. The part that is really impressing us teachers is that Janessa told their grade 2 daughter, Olivia, the gender and that girl has proven to be a vault! There has been a few sneaky attempts to get it out of her, but she hasn't let on anything at all! She has some kind of a future in espionage or something. It's so close now and we're all excited to meet this new little Ferrell! Greg and Janessa are already wonderful parents to their children and their baby will be so well loved when he/she decides to make their debut in the world!

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