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Jenny | Beautifully Made

All of the heart eyes in the world cannot describe how much fun Jenny and I had taking these pictures!! All of giggles are so real! We had been talking about doing a fun styled shoot like this for a while and it turned out better than I even thought it would :) So much vintage love! I can't even remember how many times either of us said throughout "I love this so much!"

My favourite thing about this shoot is that Jenny got to wear her mom's polka dot dress. Jenny lost her mom to cancer when she was 12 and you can tell that it's an event in her life that has played a huge impact on who she is. I felt honoured that we were able to capture some moments of Jenny in her mom's dress as a living memory of her. Losing her mom at a young age was an incredibly hard experience for Jenny, but as she talks to me about how she's dealt with it over the years I can definitely see that she's grown into an amazing woman through the loss. When her mom was in treatment is when Jenny decided she wanted to become a nurse and now the world has one of the sweetest most caring people working to help others in need!

I've loved getting to know Jenny over the past year! Right from the get go we got along...I can't say that's surprising though, because I can't imagine there's anyone who doesn't get along with Jenny! I mean, the giggles in the pictures are the most true representation of who Jenny is inside and how. She's so full of joy and love to share. I've loved every life chat we've shared and especially all of the laughs.

Jenny, you are such a wonderfully made woman! You have so much joy and kindness to share with the world and you spread it so freely! You are a HUGE example of strength to young women...HUGE! The things you've said to me about looking to the future and loving who you are are such a positive light in a world where people can be so hard on themselves. Keep shining your light, beautiful!

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