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Emma | Beautifully Made

In Jane Austen's book Mansfield Park one of her characters says "I was quiet, but not blind". This sentiment reminds me so much of Emma! I think anyone who meets Emma would describe her as a total sweetheart and somewhere in their description they'd probably mention that she's quiet. The thing about quiet people is that all of the time that they aren't talking, they're watching, listening, and thinking. They observe and see things around them that other people miss. Emma is one of these people, she may not say a lot in a large group of people, but whenever we have a chance to chat one on one she always has lots to say. I love those conversations! In them I'm always reminded that not only has Emma had time to observe many things, but she's also thought them over. She thinks about situations and people and it allows for the words she does speak to be meaningful. She's the perfect example of not underestimating the quiet ones because they're the thinkers!

Emma and I took a little drive to Orwell Corner to take some photos and she was such a good sport as I found one picture perfect spot after another and got her to pose for me in way more places than I usually have people do! I absolutely love taking pictures, but I equally love the chats that I get to have with people during photo shoots. As we made our way home I pulled up to a little beach where we could sit and finish chatting. I was asking Emma some questions and as she was talking the same theme kept coming through. In all of her past life experiences, struggles, and current relationships she has a deep desire to know people. She told me that the advice she would have for people is to just be your true self, be authentic. She values authenticity and I think it's because without it how can you actually get to know someone? People like Emma are special. You know those pictures they used to put on the back of cereal boxes that just looked like designs? until you crossed your eyes and moved it away from your face slowly to reveal a hidden image. That's like Emma! There's more to her than meets the eye...and just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that we all cross our eyes when we look at her ;)

Emma, thank you so much for letting me capture your beauty on camera! You are a beautiful woman on the outside, but more importantly on the inside. Keep being you and forming those deep connections with the people close to you. We all need someone like you in our lives!

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