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Kyle and Emma are getting Married!

I know I always say this, but we had the perfect evening for taking engagement photos with Kyle and Emma! The light was perfect, it was warm, we were on a beach, they're super cute, we really had everything going for us! When I went back to look through these photos I was smiling at my screen the whole time! I just love all of them! These two are so sweet and they're starting quite the adventure together this year. They're not only preparing for a wedding next summer, but they're moving out to Toronto to start new careers and a new life there. It also makes my heart so happy that Emma is a fellow swimmer and former Bluephin! So much fun to connect with something like that. I'm SUPER excited to photograph your wedding next summer, Emma and Kyle! As for the rest of you, just take a gander at these photos and I bet you'll be smiling at your screen too!!

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