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Eli & Katie | Married!

I've been looking forward to Eli and Katie's wedding all summer! The last time I was at the CRC for a wedding was for my own, so nostalgia may have been on my side, but whether or not I'm biased, their wedding day was still beautiful for all who were involved! I spent some time with the ladies while they were getting ready in the morning and they were all sipping out of the sweet mugs that Katie decorated for them and they were all so relaxed and happy to be with her. When I made it over to the boys, I walked into a classic session of the groomsmen trying to figure out how in the world one is supposed to fold a pocket square :) They looked pretty spiffy once they figured it out.

Eli is one lucky man because his bride is stunning!! I was swooning over all of these portraits as I was going through them. We then added the beach and the wind blowing Katie's dress into the mix and they really couldn't go wrong! I'm so excited to share a little peak at Katie and Eli's day for everyone. Congrats you two!! I know that you have a very bright future together ahead of you :)

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