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Baby Isaiah

These photos make me feel like the birds outside should be singing some sort of Disney lullaby to baby Isaiah, while his parents and the furniture dance along. Maybe that's my knowledge of Bethany's appreciation for Disney and Nathan's musical side coming through, but also the fact that they're picture perfect! I love these photos for so many reasons!

It's been so amazing to share in the experience of anticipating little Isaiah's arrival with these dear friends. 6 years ago when Bethany and I moved to the island and into our little apartment, I never would have guessed that I'd be loading my own baby up into my car to drive down the road to take photos of her newborn babe. From taking a chance to room with someone we'd never met before, to starting this chapter of watching our kids grow up, we've been through a lot together and it has been an amazing journey.

As I was completely wrapped up in how cute these 3 were in their perfectly photo ready nursery, Nathan would go and check on Evelyn when he heard her little squawks in the other room. He's such an attentive person and obviously smitten with Isaiah that he's already an amazing dad. And Miss Bethany, well over the years I have seen her care for the hearts of so many children with amazing empathy and perspective. She always notices details about people's lives that others miss. This makes her an exceptional teacher, friend and now mom. Isaiah is a lucky boy!

I love this little family and am so excited to watch little Isaiah grow! I hope they make you smile :)

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