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Rebecca & Cody | Married

One of the first things I take a photo of on a wedding day is the bride's dress. On Rebecca's wedding day I had the treat of photographing 5 generations of dresses together! Rebecca's mom has kept wedding dresses from generations past so that I had 5 in a row to hang up! There are still stains from a 1920's party on one and confetti thrown in the 1950's stuck in the lace of another. The smallest dress at the end being the little flower girl dress that Cody and Rebecca's daughter wore on their wedding day. This thought and desire to tie family in had me smiling from the start. After the dresses I headed into where the girls were getting ready to see them wrapping grandma's lace around Rebecca's flowers with a little pendant and photo hanging from them to carry with her throughout the day. You can also see grandma's pearls in the photos above!

I was loving all of these amazing family details and heirlooms and how much fun they were to photograph, but I have to say my favourite part of the day was after the ceremony when Rebecca and Cody came to find me and said they wanted to go and visit her great grandmother and grandfather to get a photo with them. They weren't able to make it to their wedding as she is 100! But not to worry, Rebecca had scheduled time into her big day for us to all pile into their van and go to surprise them at their house so they could see Rebecca and Cody and they could have a photo together. I had a permanent smile glued to my face through that whole little adventure. This is a couple that has such a strong sense of family and their love for their family was evident throughout their entire day.

Rebecca and Cody had a beautiful day, filled with family, friends, and tons of love. I felt so honoured to be a part of their special day. Congrats Rebecca and Cody!!

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