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Kyle & Emma | Married!

When I first met these two at their engagement session I could feel the warmth oozing out of them. They were so easy going and sweet to be around. Of course, on their wedding day, they were nothing less than that. We started our day hanging out with the girls while they got ready and afterwards we scooted next door to get some photos of the guys.. Once Kayla and I got in the car to travel to the wedding venue, we were both immediately talking about what a genuinely lovely group of friends Emma and Kyle have surrounded themselves with. Emma's maid of honour made their wedding cake for them and sang their first dance song while the best man played the guitar. Their entire wedding party took the time to learn a fun choreographed dance to kick off the evening with. We saw Emma's mom and aunt taking care of all kinds of little details throughout the day, making sure that everything was perfect and set to go. Plus, the groomsmen were very good at being attentive to not stepping on Emma's veil! If anyone was in question about what great people Emma and Kyle are you'd just have to look at what all of the people around them are willing to do for them and you'd quickly see that they are a well-loved couple!

As for their wedding day, it went off without a hitch! Everything was beautiful. It was a scorcher of a day, so it added a little extra sweat, but that certainly didn't take away any of the joy and fun that was had. When it came time for the dance, their dance floor was packed the fastest I've ever seen at a wedding! Their guests were ready to celebrate with Kyle and Emma!

Congratulations Emma and Kyle!!!

Florist: Sakurash Horwood Cake Decorator: MOH, Jessica Chapman Musicians: Sasha Bruce (ceremony), Mitch Cormier (DJ)

Hairstylist: Sasha Bruce Wedding Dress: Perfect Pear Bridal Bridemaid Dresses: Etsy (AtomAttire) Men’s Suites: Moore's

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